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Are you a Residential Landscape Designer or Landscape Contractor?

Watch this video now to learn how we can save you time and money through outsourcing design tasks.

We'll build your designs in 3D and draw your plans in CAD .. so you don't have to!

Deliver outstanding service to your clients with our beautiful 3D renders and CAD drawn 2D plans prepared quickly and professionally at a price you can afford.

Affordable 3D Modeling

Online Project Pages

Specialised 2D Drafting

Fixed cost, fast delivery

Build confidence, boost your success rate

To approve your quotation, every clients needs to feel confident they understand exactly what they’re getting in return for what they’re spending.

Clients find 2D plans confusing

and you may not have the in-house capacity to offer your clients an alternative.

Well, our impressive 3D presentations will communicate your ideas in a way that everybody understands and gets excited about.

What’s more, we make it possible without the need to hire staff, buy new equipment or learn to use expensive design software.

Just send us your sketch, and let Pitch Box take care of the rest!


Harness the power of the internet

A branded web page featuring your design, your logo and automated marketing features can turn every project you do into a powerful sales tool and valuable marketing asset.

Share your designs with anyone

We can host your 3D fly-through presentation in beautiful HD, on its own branded web page that automatically resizes to any device.

Built-in marketing features come pre-installed, making it easy for clients to share their excitement about your company with others in their network with just a couple of clicks.

All new referrals and client enquiries go automatically to your inbox.


3D is too expensive? Not any more!

Using our efficient process and cutting edge software, you can now have superb 3D renders created of your design for less than 1% of the estimated cost to bulid your design.


Revisions included in the cost

We know exactly what the design process is like which is why we include the chance to revise your design within the cost of each presentation.


Want to talk about it?

Whether you’re just getting started with design or looking to improve what you’re already doing, the fastest way to find out if Pitch Box is the right solution for your business is to have a conversation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on +61 3 9028 5553 or fill in the form below with your enquiry and I’ll respond within 24 hours. Even if we don’t offer what you’re looking for I will certainly do my best to direct you to someone who does.

Shah Turner | Pitch Box Founder

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