Design support for Landscape Professionals

Double your design capacity for less than 30% of the cost of hiring an employee.

Relieve your Designers of Tedious Tasks

With our support, one designer can deliver twice as many designs at the same time. Awesome 3D visuals and Professional CAD plans on-demand.


3D Renders

3D Fly-Throughs

Base Models

What’s The Process?

Getting design support is a simple three-step process for every project. You’ll be amazed at how much time you save!

Place your order

Tailor a design presentation from our menu and head through the checkout.

Send us your files

Complete a job form and upload plans, sketches and images.

Download and review

Have a look at our work an request any changes needed.

Impress Every Client, Every Time

Our software and proven workflows ensure a quality outcome you’ll be proud to present, every time.

Why Growing Businesses Choose Pitch Box

Flexible businesses win. Partnering with Pitch Box gives our customers a competitive advantage and a stable path for sustainable growth
Design support for a
fluctuating workload
Friendly, fast and consistent service
Impressive presentations at affordable prices
Interim and long-term support
for business growth

“The ultimate masters at 3D design with nothing out of the realm of our design scope. They have given our design business an incredible advantage which has enabled us to constantly increase our revenue.”

Nic | Nicholas John Landscapes

“The greatest change has been the time it now takes for me to visit a client, sign them up for a design, complete the design and the initial quote and deliver this to the client, this can be as little as 2-3 weeks! I now have a team on my side that takes my simple design outline and makes it consistent across all my designs. Everything looks amazing and 3D sells!! We are now at over 50 designs completed with Pitch-Box and I simply won’t go back!”

Chris | Lifestyle Landscapes

“Excellent communication – Pitch Box is an initiator of communication and always on the front foot. Fair pricing structure, which clients are prepared to bear. Accurate interpretation of plans, and quality design presentations”.

Joe | Definition Landscapes

We are so stoked with what your guys have been turning around for us.
So a massive thanks to you and the team involved!”

Craig | The Garden Planners

“I can literally deliver twice as many designs each month without employing anyone! So good!

Julie | Living Landscape

“Our design team ran at break even until we started with this. That’s all changed completely.”

Mark | Outdoor Escape

“I suddenly realised.. I not only don’t have to do everything myself, I don’t have to hire anyone either. It’s genius!”

Peta | Blac

“I just don’t have the time or energy to learn to use the software myself. This is awesome!”

Sam | Archiscapes