As you might imagine, I’ve spoken to a lot of small business owners about how they use 3D to perform different roles in the way they deliver their service. I thought it would be worth sharing some of the different perspectives that other business owners have on how it is working for them, along with the future direction they can see it going.

From the feedback I’ve received I’ve been able to broadly classify them into four distinct groups. These are:

The Finisher

The Secret Weapon

The Value Amplifier

The Marketing Agent

Each of these can be thought of independently or in combination with each other and we’re working to understand each more thoroughly in order to improve the product.

If you’ve been wondering how this service might be useful for your business, have a read of the following ideas given to me by our existing customers.

The Finisher

Pitch Box provides a simple solution to avoid spending long and unnecessary hours in front of the computer. We accept hand drawn concept plans, as long as they are to scale and have sufficient notes to explain the various elements of the design.  This means you only need to get the main ideas down in draft form and then let us take care of the rest. You could complete more designs in less time.

We not only translate your drawing into 3D, but also accompany the 3D presentation with a professionally drawn computer generated plan that fulfils all the conventions of a typical landscape drawing. What’s more, there are three revisions included in the Platinum package so you can always make changes if it doesn’t quite look like what you imagined BEFORE you build.

The Finisher is outsourcing at its best; you start the design and we finish it!

The Secret Weapon

You don’t even need to know how to use design software to produce industry leading results that will impress your Clients. Working with Pitch Box is like having a secret weapon up your sleeve that will give your business significant additional capabilities without you having to lift a finger.

In one simple proven package we offer you the skills of an experienced high end landscape designer sitting behind a powerful computer programmed with state of the art licenced software that can turn your ideas into a persuasive sales tool.

The added reliability of your secret weapon includes guaranteed turnaround times, fixed pricing and a proven process that works. This means you can integrate it with the way you work and know you will achieve a high quality results every time you use it.

Pitch Box is your secret weapon against confusion, time wasting and above all, the competition!

The Value Amplifier

As you know, value is so often in the eye of the beholder. How are some businesses able to earn higher revenue from installing the same landscape? Their service is perceived and accepted as being higher in value.

With Pitch Box you will offer your clients the perception of a professional operator with an in house team, capable of delivering outstanding results for their investment and discerning tastes. Imagine the difference in your conversations when you literally “walk” them through the ideas you have for their landscape and help them to see the amazing lifestyle opportunities you’re offering to their family and friends.

With 3D imagery at the forefront of current graphic technology, it follows that businesses who offer 3D services will be perceived as leaders in their field. Knowing exactly what they’re getting before you start building takes a lot of pressure off the relationship and allows you to get on with the job, confident they are already happy with the results.

It doesn’t take much to realise that the combination of these means your businesses will of be greater value to your Clients and will enable you to command higher prices for the superior quality service that you offer

Best of all this value is something you can achieve without having to grow into a large company with hefty overheads, and lower overheads means greater profits.

The Marketing Agent

Video and images are easily the most shareable form of content available online. Video in particular packs a serious punch when it comes to getting your ideas out there.

Pitch Box works under your banner, which means it is your logo and business name that appears on all aspects of the presentation.

When you direct your clients to their unique hosted video page and leave them to consider and discuss the design on their own, you can be sure they will be sharing it with the whole family, their friends and other visitors. This creates excitement and engagement and has the added benefit of putting pressure on the decision makers to act. As the Marketing Agent, they will all acknowledge your business as the creative force behind it.

A 3D video can very easily be embedded on your website at a fraction of the cost of a professionally created “real life” video.

Over to you.

These are just a few examples of the different ways you can employ a service like this to benefit your business. If you have any ideas on how it could be adapted to the way you work, or how it could be modified to improve, I would be genuinely interested to learn your thoughts.