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Our quoting system is self serve for all residential projects ans super easy to use. Most of our customers woudl agree it’s pretty much like buying movie tickets or flights online!

We offer fixed pricing for all our CAD plans and 3D modelling is anchored to the anticipated construction value of the design you’re sending to us. Some people call this the “opinon of probable cost” – it’s not concrete, accurate figure, it’s a professional guesstimate.

This means that as long as you have a ballpark estimate of the construction value of your project: $40k, $100k, $250k etc you can generate your own quote using our app at any time, without waiting on us.

Head to the pricing page on our website and scroll down until you see the “Quote Calculator”. From the main menu, there are 2 options you can consider:

Choose “I want an ESTIMATE” if you’re just interested in getting an idea of the price of our services. You can use the app to generate as many obligation free estimates for as many hypothetical projects as you like.

Choose “I want a QUOTE” if you want to generate a quote for an actual project. If it’s your first time here you will need to create an account (takes 1 minute) and verify your email address. This will enable you to generate, save and retrieve quotes in your Customer Dashboard.

Work on any project commences only after a quote has been paid for in full. So you can pay for your quote immediately if you want us to get started immediately. Alternatively, you can save the quote and come back to retrieve it at a later date if you’re not ready for us to start. You can also modify your quote and even add additional items to existing orders if ever you need to.

This is all done by logging into your Customer Dashboard on our website. The Customer Dashboard keeps track of all the projects you have with us in the one place, so you can see where each is up to as well as make new orders and download the files associated with each.