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Once we’re done preparing your presentation you’ll receive a link to download the files via Dropbox. You can actually copy and paste the same link from our email, into a fresh email to your clients and share the images with them.

If you’ve ordered a Branded Web Page to showcase your design, you’ll receive the URL link to the page to forward to your clients by email.

Please note: Viewing image files, and especially video files, via dropbox is not the best way to see them at their best. Dropbox is a platform for file sharing, rather than file viewing. Video, in particular, often displays at a much lower resolution when viewed via Dropbox. You are much better off downloading all the files to your computer first.

So the first step in being able to present your design to your clients, is to download all the files from Dropbox to your computer.

From there, you have a number of different options to share those files with your clients including:

[BEST OPTION!] –> In Person – Using a portable device such as a laptop or iPad, you can take the presentation directly to your customer and present it to them in person. This is typically the way designers present their work so they are able to explain how decisions were made, watch reactions and answer queries on the spot. If you are not prepared to leave them with the entire presentation at that time, you could also print a selection of images and leave those with the client.

Email – Just like any other file, you can attach images and PDFs to an email and send them on. Video files will be much too large to share via email.

YouTube/Vimeo – If you create a free YouTube or Vimeo account, you can quickly and easily upload your fly-through video to your channel. From there you simply copy the link from the video, just like you would to share any other video from these platforms.

Dropbox – As noted above, you can also share files with clients simply by copying and pasting the link from the email we send you, into the emai you’re sending your clients.

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