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The short answer? As many as are needed to communicate every part of your design.

Generally you can expect to receive at least 10 images of your design. On larger projects, with extra features, the number of images provided will be much higher.

Unlike traditional 3D render studios that spend all their time crafting just one or two images, we use what’s called “real-time” rendering software that allows us to virtually move around the 3D model and capture images, almost as if using a camera. This means we don’t need to wait for 3-4 hours to “render” a single image, we can produce quality images in just a few minutes each.

The benefit of our software is that we can capture your design from many different angles and provide you and your clients with a comprehensive visual overview of the whole design. Like many of our customers, you may want to be selective about which images you give to your clients, and which ones you keep for internal use.

Here’s an example. This is a project we modeled for Anthony Scott from Victoria. The design was for the front and rear yards, including a new pool. As you can see, Anthony received a good selection of images to use in pitching his ideas to his clients and winning the contract to go ahead with construction.

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