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Well, you’re probably right! It’s perfectly natural and reasonable that someone should want a second opinion on such a significant investment.

However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from offering clients industry leading presentations that will give them the best possible experience of working with you. This will only add value to your existing service and yous quote. Together with your personal service, we help you share a vision with your customers, increasing trust, building excitement and demonstrating your professional capacity to deliver an excellent outcome; they won’t want anyone else!

If you still feel at risk of losing a project to a competitor here are some tips and features that will put your mind at ease.

  • Your presentation features your logo, which will let other contractors know that the design comes from you.
  • We can place additional wording relating to Copyright or Intellectual Property into the presentation upon request, which may further assist to protect your ideas.
  • Propose to enter an agreement with your new customer regarding the release of the files pending a non-refundable deposit, payment for the design or a signed contract.
  • Show new customers the presentation in your office or in their home on a mobile device such as a laptop or iPad.

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