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This is a common question asked by landscape contractors who are at the beginning of the journey of providing design services for their clients.

If your clients aren’t willing to invest in design, or you don’t believe they they should pay for design, then you will need to take a much longer term view of how you secure construction contracts. Consider the number of contracts you hope to win over the course of the year and the total estimated value of your annual turnover. Using the calculator on our website, you can very quickly determine that the cost of obtaining professional CAD plans and potentially 3D imagery to help you secure those contracts with greater success (than doing so without plans and images) is relatively minimal.

Drawings and 3D renders are a worthwhile investment on your part in order to improve your client’s experience of working with you, to elevate their perception about the value of your services and as a means to move more projects into construction in less time, creating the space to take on more work, should that be your goal.

In the long run, we highly recommend and encourage you to consider that design is an essential component of the planning stage of any project and it requires the time and input of someone experienced and knowledgable in landscape projects. Although you don’t need to prepare the final drawings youself, with some sketches and basica information provided up front, we can help you add value and (through design fees) an additional source of income for your business with a professional design service.

Freeinformation is available on our website where you can learn how to pitch and win design fees.