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Yes! We have twop options to get you started: our Basic Demo Package and our Custom Demo Package.

The Basic Demo Package is the fastest and can be delivered within 24 hours. It includes a single web page featuring your logo and contact details, together with one of our landscape designs. It includes 3D renders of the design along with a 90 second 3D fly-through video. The web page can be accessed at anytime by anyone with the URL link and an internet connection. Send it directly to clients or link to it from your web page. Click here to view a sample. We would build and host your page to look exactly the same except with your logo and contact details. You can download the images but not the video.

The Custom Demo Package is by far the more popular option, simply because rather than showcasing one of our designs, we showcase one of yours, which makes it the better choice.

We will help you to choose one of your existing, already constructed projects for us to work from. It would be one that you enjoyed working on, that turned out beautifully and ideally has been professionally photographed. We will build that project from scratch in 3D to closely match the finished product. We’ll create 3D rendered images and a impressive fly-through of the project and host these on a web page featuring your logo and contact details.

This gives you the opportunity to present new prospects with an impressive “before-and-after” illustration of your design service, allowing them to quickly see the value in being able to visualise thei invesment before they start building.

You will receive a copy of all the original files including the 3D rendered images and fly-through video for use on your web page, in emails and social media marketing. As with the basic package you will also have the link to the single web page to email to clients directly, or display on a device while on site.