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For all 3D modeling presentations it is essential that we have clear information about your client’s house and any other features that are being retained, because we need to build them, from scratch, in our 3D modeling software. Ideally you’ll be able to get access to architectual elevation drawings of the house and supply those to us to work from.

Of course, that’s not always the case, many design projects are for an existing home for which elevation drawings have long since disappeared.

When you’re on site, think ahead about the info we need to work from and take site photos as detailed in the video and the reference card below.

You should also have a look at our “Quick Guide to Taking Site Photos” reference card below.

The key is to take all photos  SQUARE ON, and to capture as much of the house elevation as possible.

PLEASE – Don’t take photos on an angle, or pivot on the spot, this only distorts the layout and makes life difficult for our 3D creators.

If you can take photos of any scaling devices such as a person (and tell us how tall they are), measuring tape or even brick courses this helps too.

Quick guide to Taking Site Photos


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