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Pitch Box was created by a landscape architect for the preparation and delivery of professional landscape designs so we TOTALLY understand you’re going to need changes along the way.

For that reason, we include two (2) revisions with every project you send to us. That means you have two opportunities to make changes to your design at no extra charge.

When would you use them? Ultimately, that’s up to you. Most people use the first revision as an opportunity to test their ideas. They send the first round of revisions through shortly after they’ve received the first draft of their drawings or 3D renders, with instructions to adjust a few things to get it right before the first client presentation. As a designer, you need to feel confident you’re heading into that first presentation with a design that is sufficiently resolved that you’re prepared to stand by it!

Some of our customers take a different approach, which is to resolve the design through plans and sketches first, then send those off to be brought to life in 3D, preferring to keep both revisions up their sleeve for later on in the design process.