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The short version

1. Place your order > 2. Send us your files > 3. Download & Review

In more detail…

For every project, the process begins on your side. You’ll need to decide what sort of presentation your client and contractors will need to realise your vision. Normally this will be determined by a combination of:

  • The scale and scope of the project.
  • Your client’s budget
  • Who will be constructing this project
  • Are any approval drawings likely to be required.

Generally speaking, you should have a decent idea on all these by the end of the first meeting with your new clients.

IMPORTANT: If you’re going to need 3D renders for your presentation, you’ll need to have a basic idea of the likely construction cost of the design you’re sending, before you jump into the calculator. Why? Our pricing for 3D work is anchored to the estimated construction value of the design. Please see “How is 3D pricing calculated?” for further details.

Step 1 Place your order

Before we can get started on your project, you’ll need to put an order through our website, it’ll take you 10 minutes or less.

To do this, you’ll access our self-serve Quote Calculator, where all our products are listed with current prices clearly displayed.

The Quote Calculator is a custom built app we’ve developed specifically to help our customers avoid the need to wait on a quotation. You simply choose what you want and head through the checkout.. it’s not much different than buying flights online!

Once you have an account and order in the system, you’ll get access to a Customer Dashboard which it the place you can go at any time to see all your projects in one place and check on their progress, or order extras for your presentation.


Play another song on the jukebox baby!

You may have noticed by now that we request payment upfront for all the work we do. It’s a jukebox system – if you want to hear your song played next, you’ve got to put your coin in the machine.  We use the jukebox system to prioritise which projects to work on first as there can be anywhere up to 30 project waiting to start in the system at any given time.

So..if you’re ready for us to start immediately, you can pay for your quote straight away to get the ball rolling. Otherwise, you can save the quote in our system and pay for it later once you’re ready to start.

2. Send us your files

Once you’ve put your order through the system and have made your payment, the next step is to complete our Job Specification Form and send your design files to us.

The Job Spec form is emailed to you, and also available via your Customer Dashboard. We use Dropbox, a cloud-based file sharing system that we reckon makes life much easier than emails.  Our regular customers upload (and download) all project files using Dropbox directly. You can also upload files via the Job Spec Form.

What sort of files will you need to send?

Everything you have that describes the site and your ideas. This will include things like:

  • Site plan and Concept design
  • Site photos and/or house drawings (essential for all 3D work)
  • Photos of previous projects
  • Inspiration images of design features.

Making life easier!

The whole point of getting design support is so that you don’t have to do everything yourself. So you only need to get your design ready for us to interpret, not your clients.

That said, dog’s breakfast = not cool.

We still need you to provide drawings that are drawn to scale, legible and have key information on them, like important levels.

To save you hours of time, we can work from photos of your previous designs, images of hardscape features, planting schemes you’ve found and anything else that describes what you’re trying to achieve.

There are some basic conventions you need to adhere to on the drawings you send to us (things like ensuring there is a north arrow, important levels and one known dimension marked on the plan).

Please see the “Required Information” article which also contains a video to walk you through everything you need to know. Watch it once and forever hold your peace.

3. Download and Review

If you’re having a 3D presentation put together, we’ll build your entire project, including your client’s house in 3D, add the plants, trees, moving water, furniture and furnishings and rays of golden sunlight.

If you’re having us draw up your design in CAD, we’ll make sure it’s neat, clear and legible. It will adhere to all the standard conventions a professional landscape drawing should.

Once we’re done with the first draft, we’ll assess and review everything ourselves first, in-house.

We’ll then send you an email notification telling you that your presentation is ready to review. You’ll click the link to access all the files and will need to spend time carefully reviewing everything. If you’re happy with everything, great! Download everything and go present to your clients.

If you need changes, we are more than happy to make those for you and in fact two rounds of revisions are included in the cost.

We are strict about revisions!

There is no limit to the number of changes you can request for your design. There is a limit to how many times you can request revisions.

Nobody likes getting feedback in drips and spurts over an extended period of time, from someone who hasn’t taken the time to have a good look at their design and write everything down clearly.

How do we get around this? We have a great system for revisions!  You simply number every change on either the drawings or 3D images (or both). Then, you’ll provide a written description for each number. You’ll do both of these via our revisions form. Using the form and using this system ensures we don’t miss a thing, and avoid going back and forth wasting precious time.

You get two opportunities to request revisions with every order. If you need more, extra revisions are available for purchase via your Customer Dashboard.

If you have any questions or concerns about our process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!