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Great question! Everybody does things differently, but let’s look at how a typical project unfolds so you can see how we might fit in. We’re offering design support rather than looking to take over your design service.

Essentially you, or your designers will still be attending the project site, collecting site information like plans, site photos and developing a brief by asking questions and listening to your clients. In otherwords, all the normal things you would do to take charge of a project from the beginning.

From there you’ll need to develop a concept. It’s at this point that we can begin to help. We can take your sketch plans and draft them in CAD. We can help you test your ideas more thoroughly by modeling them in 3D for you. If you’d prefer we can just create a plain shite base model of your client’s house, existing hardscapes and terrain in SketchUp so you can build the new design yourself, without wasting time on modeling those existing site features.

While we get to work on transferring or translating your design into CAD, you can use that time to attend to other things like more site visits, costing and estimation, project management or starting the next design. You could even take the afternoon off altogether and go to the beach!

Our customers generally find that with the design support they’re getting from Pitch Box, one designer is able to deal with around 2.5 times as much project work in the same time. An alternative way to think about itis they could achieve the same volume of work in less than half the time (more isn’t always better!). These are results that we’re super proud of!

Besides 3D renders, lighting images and fly-through videos, Pitch Box also takes care of all the conceptual andn schematic drawings you might need for any given project including:

  • Concept Plans
  • Planting plans with schedule
  • Quantities plans that show surface areas and lineal distances of all hardscapes
  • Dimensions plans that give overall dimensions of the layout; and
  • Schematic lighting plans showing the locations of switches, transformers and light fixtures.
  • Drawings for getting development authority approval such as boundary elevations, retaining walls, build-over-easement, swimming pools & spas and overhead structures

With all these drawings it is important that we let you know that we’re not designing for you. We won’t select and place plant species, nominating install sizes and densities. We won’t select your pavers or design the layout of decking and shade structures. – those decisions need to be made by you.

Instead, what we do is alleviate the need for you to do everything in-house. We support you and your design team so you stay in control of your projects without getting caught up in the tedious (and costly) tasks of creating presentation material for your clients.