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Great question! Paying upfront for design services is a new concept for the industry so when you first learn that we ask for payment upfront your reaction could understandably be, “What the?!”

We’re an open book here at Pitch Box, so happy to share that there are actually three reasons we ask for payment upfront.

  1. It helps us to prioritise which projects to work on first amidst all the projects coming our way each day.
  2. We accept orders and payments online 24/7 via our Quote Calculator App. The app is what sets up the project and the payment system gives it the green light when payment is made (much like buying flights online). When the “Pay Now” button is clicked and payment is successfully made, emails are sent, folders are created and people are assigned to your project automatically. Yep, pretty advanced stuff!
  3. To remain cash flow positive. We don’t want to chase anyone for payment, it’s time consuming and demoralising to have done a bunch of work and then be at the mercy of your customers (or their clients, or their clients bank) before you can pay your team.

Long and the short of it, it’s a jukebox system.. if you wanna hear your song played, you gotta put your coin in first!


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