How great does it feel to get a referral?!

You didn’t advertise, you didn’t pay for a bunch of Facebook ads, you basically got a phone call from someone who was given your number to call by someone else, it’s awesome!

Word-of-mouth referrals like that are the most powerful you can get. Because the person calling you has already been sold to by someone they know, their natural anti-salesman “force-field” has been turned off for a minute.

In effect, the best thing about referrals is they’re pre-loaded with a certain degree of trust.

As long as you provide the service they’re looking for, your price reflects good value and you sound like a nice enough person on the phone, the job’s practically yours.

If only that could happen more often.  In fact, seeing as the feeling of getting a referral is so great, wouldn’t it be a good idea to do whatever it takes to make it happen again and again?

As you know, referrals aren’t something you just “get”, they’re cultivated.

Just like a bumper crop of tomatoes appear to happen magically, when you break it down, there’s always a collection of actions and outcomes that precede them.

So how can you start cultivating more? I reckon it’s a great idea to start thinking about developing a referral mindset. As in, staying alert, being aware and taking action in ways that will cultivate referrals for your business.

What did you wear to that first site visit? Did you arrive on time? How will your staff behave when they’re on site? What’s the best manner to deal with the issue they’ve just told you about? How will you thank them at the end of this project?

If you develop a referral mindset, you’ll start to build referrals into the way you do business, rather than making the process of getting referrals some external task.

To become a successful business owner with a high rate of referrals you’ll need to think about the way you interact with clients, with suppliers, with anyone who comes into contact with you and your business. Word-of-mouth referrals are more likely to be about you and the members of your team, than your service.

Having said that, with a referral mindset, you’ll pay closer attention to how you construct projects, what state you leave the site in at the end of each day, whether you were on time, all the things that would enable someone to trust you and confidently and positively recommend you to someone else.

And how good is all that going to be for your business?

Cultivating referrals is about so much more than just getting new customers, it’s great for you, and for your business. You’ll have to get better, you’ll have to get more efficient, you’ll be more professional!

With a referral mindset, you’ll consciously begin to make the changes your business needs. Your business will become the remarkable operation that people volunteer to share with others and soon enough those referrals will come flooding in!

What’s your number one referral strategy?